We the people are radically re-conceiving and restructuring royalty & residual payment, disrupting embedded power structures by putting actors, authors, artists & musicians in the driver’s seat. DRRIPP will be controlled by its users via DRRIPP Dao, everyone has a say in the platform's functionality. Gone are the days where artists are at the mercy of big production companies to get compensated correctly and on time.

First principle thinking allows us to do away with:
  • teams working manually to calculate royalty and residual payment
  • artists waiting around to get paid
  • incorrect payment via snail mail
  • a call center that doesn't help resolve end user issues
  • an army of lawyers on production company payroll ready to defend lawsuits brought forth by vexed artists

As reliable as a leaky faucet, we DRRIPP the right payment to the right recipient while scaling infinitely

Get excited about the future

Imagine a world where individuals and self-organizing teams supported by viewers produce a film, sing a song, write a book all without the need to involve big corporations to bankroll the project, market it and engage in content distribution. You support the artists you like producing content that you enjoy. Watch this space for further innovation brought to you by team Jinnba.

Don't underestimate the current incumbents to try and prevent this from happening, they have incentives to hold on to their power over us.

Current incumbents might tempt us with money, but it will be futile, the DRRIPP Dao will prevent any one of us from being a sellout.

We are efficient, but the question is how effective are we? Join us and let's find out together...

There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly. - R. Buckminster Fuller
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